Coming Home to Roost

Yes, it was a treat for the football-hungry fans, still in semi-withdrawal and faint without fantasy.  But imagine the players, taking the field for practice, being greeted with this:  more than 24,000 energetic supporters, eager for the first look at their heroes, on a hot Saturday morning in August.

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Monster Jam Features a Familiar Face

Monster Jams are usually more about the truck than the one behind the wheel, but — as I learned in my leaky basement last week — that isn’t the case when the driver is an icon of the action sports circuit and the monster in question is named after his popular MTV reality show.

My education on the subject began with some cracks downstairs in my Annapolis home.  I did what Annapolitans have done for decades — I called the Pastranas.

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Growing the Game…from East to West to East Again!

The stage is finally set for the 2011 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships this weekend- a fact confirmed upon invading M&T Bank Stadium Monday afternoon to find the purple and gold of the city’s favorite bird covered in preparation for the tournament (plus head NCAA lax officials have invaded the stadium ops’ conference room, which is kind of like a warning siren signally an invasion– no offense Jeff and company, I mean we NEED the warning). And while we are geared up and ready for the impending onslaught of teams and fans from all across the country, we would like to first state two truths:

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