Preparing for Baseball: A Look into Opening Day

Opening Day is March 31 at Orioles Park at Camden Yards

Opening Day is March 31 at Orioles Park at Camden Yards

This morning as I took my usual walk through the Camden Yard’s Warehouse to get to my office I noticed something different. It wasn’t something out of the ordinary, something in the air was different. There were more people walking around, more trucks coming in for delivery and more cars in the parking lot. It was controlled chaos. It could only mean one thing when there are more people working at a baseball stadium: Opening Day is right around the corner.

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Showing the Spirit!

Showing the Spirit!

Having staved off an earthquake and hurricane, Camden Yards now awaits the true high energy event of the summer.

The O’s are proclaiming their Grand Prix pride with a giant welcome from the colorful cartoon Bird over their Warehouse offices.  It was just installed this morning and can be seen by anyone travelling west on Conway.

There are signs (literally) of the impending race all over the complex as sponsors are claiming their territory.  (Mr. Tire greets everyone descending the 395 ramp.)

Pretty soon those mega-yachts carrying sponsors and syndicate owners will be floating into the harbor.  And the weather couldn’t by any lovelier.

Sports Legends, Gearing Up For Grand Prix

It’s hard to get much past the prying eyes in Bin 400, but Sports Legends managed to do it with a special set of hot wheels.  They must have rolled it in during the dead of night, because it’s hard to miss this kind of spectacle.

Proof that something good does occasionally come out of Indianapolis, the sports museum managed to score some exhibits from the Indy 500 museum that will be on display through the Labor Day weekend — including this vintage race car.

Sports Legends manages to be au courant in their exhibit themes.  They are also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, including the visit of Abraham Lincoln and the 1861 riot at Camden Station.

Sports Legends is the place to be during the Festival of Speed.  It is the gateway to the exclusive VIP pit row suites, a merchandising center, and a concession stand for all those attending the concert and other activities on Camden Street.  The museum will also be open.

Be sure to stop in the Gentleman’s Waiting Room (that’s where Abe lingered on his way to Gettysburg) and see this paean to Indy Racing’s past.  It will get you revved up (even more than the earthquake) for the festivities to come.

Just in Time for Fall Festivities…

An 85-acre complex like Camden Yards has a lot of gateways.  When 70,000+ people (many of them out-of-towners) descend upon us for a football game or Grand Prix event, we like to let them know where they are and where they are going.  So our partnership with the Gwynns Falls Trail — the 13 mile hiker-biker passage from I-70 to the Inner Harbor — helps us welcome guests to our complex, teach them a little history of the site, and direct them to public transportation terminals and spending opportunities downtown.

This large addition to the existing kiosk at Warner and Ostend tells the story of the Camden Yards rail yard that anchored the industrial area where the sports complex now stands.  It also indicates the overpasses that will take visitors to Federal Hill or the Inner Harbor. With all the visitors arriving by bus, train, auto, cycle, or on foot, this wayfaring sign is just what we need to let everyone know that Camden Yards is still a transportation crossroads and a convenient place to attend an event.  It’s also a very interesting place to visit and learn about Baltimore’s industrial heritage.

The View from Bin 400- A Lamborghini Lands

With the Baltimore Grand Prix almost upon us, every day brings another activity to Camden Yards.  If it isn’t concrete barriers or fences going up, it’s a distinguished visitor or press event.

But today it was the unheralded arrival of the snazziest vehicle yet — a vintage Lamborghini, parked tantalizingly under Bin 400.  It came with so little fanfare, we didn’t get to see who emerged from the gull-winged doors.

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