The Movable Feast at Camden Yards

It was just a matter of time before the annual “Taste of Two Cities” food truck festival found its way to Camden Yards.  As the event attracted more trucks and fans after two successful years, a larger and more accessible site was needed.  A name change was also in order as Philly joined Baltimore and Washington for the fun.

So on Saturday, May 31st, a convoy of cookeries mustered on Lot C between Hamburg Street and the 395 overpass for a “Taste of Three Cities.”  The 50+ chuckwagons were joined by vendors offering crafts, clothes, and food truck 8assorted oddities.  (Perhaps the most unusual offering of the day was a stuffed wild boar’s head, quickly snapped up by The Kommie Pig for a hood ornament.)
The all-day event also featured live music, inflatable kiddie activities, and plenty of adult beverages to go with the hydrating variety.

Between 12,000 and 15,000 folks wandered the lots, sampling the cuisine and voting for their favorites.  Two-time winner of the Mayor’s Cup, Gypsy Queen, was selected the People’s Choice this year.  Judges awarded the Mayor’s Cup to cupcake concessionaire Iced truck 1

A young lady on the light rail was showing off the prize winning cupcakes when the operator came over the speaker and asked if anyone had tried the chocolate dipped cheesecake.  A show of hands indicated more calories accounted for.

By Monday, the sidewalk gourmets would be back to performing their magic at various outposts in their respective cities.  But for variety and sheer indulgence, it was  hard to top the mobile food court you could find at Camden Yards this weekend.

ROC Race Jumpstarts Summer Season

Marylanders of yore marked Memorial Day as summer’s start, with the opening of community pools and annual migration to the shore.  Bikini frolics in the Preakness infield moved the season up a bit, and Sunday’s ROC Run pushed the envelope even further.ROC_group

Imagine an obstacle course at a water park, with the squeal factor of Chuck E. Cheese, and you can grasp the concept of the ROC Run. Reality TV with game-show hosts narrating each contestant.  And once again, the perfect place for staging a production-driven event — Camden Yards.

Enormous inflatable structures (which withstand both weight and water) were stationed at various locations on the 85 acre complex.  Twelve “challenges” over a 5k course ended with a glorious water slide under the 395 overpass.

(Like the Dew Tour of long ago, this had to be an eyeful for unsuspecting Light Rail and car passengers.)

While not as messy as some of the mud run options available to intrepid runners, ROC Run still had plenty of water hazards.  Toughest appeared to be the tandem wrecking balls that send most contestants into the drink with a bop on the posterior.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated.  Temps climbed to nearly 70 degrees after the day began with cool breezes.  The thousands who left Camden Yards, soaked and sloppy, would agree that summer must really be underway.

It’s also saying something about the popularity of Camden Yards as a venue when you get on the Light Rail with a trio of tutus and the operator says “some kind of race goin’ on at the park?”

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Next up:  the Electric Run July 19, where we’re certain to see fluorescent tutus glowing in the dark.

Roc, Roll, and Run for Fun — Spring at Camden Yards

They are looking for many photos as there will be a standalone photo gallery for this event as well as the usual 6 or so for the rewThe vernal equinox brings more than migrating Birds to Camden Yards. While our 85 acre urban complex is best known as a professional sports venue, its size and location make it the perfect site for other spectator and participatory activities.

As the temperatures (finally!) rise, so do the number of Camden Yards visitors for something other than baseball. This spring marks the return of one instant crowd favorite and the inaugural appearance of another.

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