Still in the Running . . .

baltimore-marathon-2012-start3 Here in the Warehouse, we have some of the most resourceful, proactive folks you would ever want to work with.  Our Facilities staff (which includes those stationed at M&T Bank Stadium) are innovative as well as responsive.  And they pride themselves on factoring in every contingency when they plan (or book) events.

So even before the O’s locked their place in the playoffs, conversations were taking place about how to accommodate activities scheduled to take place on the complex during October.  The American Heart Walk took the conflict in stride, changing their date to November 2, 2014 and reminding their supporters that “The Orioles won’t stop, and neither will we.”  Das Best Oktoberfest kept their date and moved to the waterfront at Rash Field.

The Baltimore Running Festival, however, is a moving target.  Scheduled for for October 18, 2014, this enormous (27,000+ runners, even more spectators) begins and ends at Camden Yards.  And although the post season has not arrived there yet, a potential seventh ALCS would take place at Oriole Park.

So what to do?

Postponing an event this size, with participants coming from every state and many nations, is not an option.  Cancellation is unthinkable.  But flexibility and reason are always on the table, so (for the time being) the best course of action is to move up the starting times.  That way, the route can be cleared and cleaned before the fans arrive for a night game.

That’s the plan now, but of course there are always variables that could pop up any moment.  That’s why the organizers are keeping their website and social media up to date on every possible scenario.

And what about that ultimate wild card, Mother Nature?  Suppose she throws a curve?

MN is never off the radar — literally.  Our Facilities staff and our partners track the weather like Doppler.  If there are elements on the way, they know and are planning — sometimes days in advance.

snow shovel

Remember this?  December, 2009.  The Bears are coming to town, and so is a ton of snow.

Even before it crossed the Appalachians, MSA and Ravens staff were lining up plows, manpower, equipment, salt, pizza, and reinforcements for a round the clock response. For many, it meant sleeping in the concourse between shifts with the shovel.  But by kickoff, the complex was ready.

So whatever happens in the next few weeks, you can be sure the folks here in the Warehouse have weighed at the options to address it.  Of course, we all know the best possible solution is.

Win it out, O’s !!!


It was a dark and stormy night . . .

It snowed most of Tuesday at Camden Yards, a relative rarity for a Maryland spring.  To our friends and teammates at Sports Legends, it was an eerie reminder of the event they were observing later in the week – the anniversary of the ignominious departure of the Baltimore Colts, early on the snowy morning of March 29, 1984.

For the fund-raising fete, Sports Legends welcomed guests to the scene in Owings Mills where the Mayflower convoy began their trek westward.  What was once the Colts training facility and team headquarters is now Caves Athletic and Wellness Center, home of the 2013 NCAA Division III Lacrosse champions, Stevenson University.

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