If . . . then (Juggling at Camden Yards)

crape myrtle 1Things have been a bit rough in Kansas City, no question.  But we haven’t lost hope of welcoming the Orioles back for Games 6 and 7.  Note the crape myrtle above.  It is one of about sixty ringing the complex which turned orange seemingly overnight.  So we’re still keeping the faith here at the Warehouse.

Of course, every day the O’s are still in play keeps the crystal ball busy.  The rainy weather doesn’t help matters, either.

There are two other major events scheduled for Camden Yards this weekend.  The 27,000 + Baltimore Running Festival, which begins and ends here.  That has already been tweaked by the organizers, with all runs starting an hour earlier.  Participants and spectators are advised to check the website regularly to see if additional changes have been made.

The other, of course, is the Ravens home game October 19th, scheduled for 1:00 pm against the Atlanta Falcons.  A possible Game 3 would be on Saturday.  But if it were rained out (as was Game 3 in KC) . . . .  well, that’s up to the leagues to decide.

No matter what, the staff here makes it happen.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed for that Game 7 (without the rain, of course.)   The crape myrtles have already dressed for the occasion.


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