Stars of the Summer Nights

Beyonce stageIt wouldn’t be Maryland if we didn’t have steamy days and sultry nights, June through August.  But such is when the stars come out, just as hot and pulsating as an approaching thunderstorm.

Summer concerts and music festivals bring music aficionatos to venues throughout the region.  And one of the most popular is is Camden Yards.  For all the conveniences and facilities that make this the perfect location for staging major sports events (public transportation, walkability, convenience to interstates) also apply to entertainment.

Camden Yards has shone a celestial array over the past few weeks.  The annual African American Festival was headlined by R&B chanteuse Brandy, who filled the festival grounds for her performance on Sunday, June 22nd.  AFRAM traditionally draws several hundred thousand revelers over the course of the weekend, with the Sunday night free concert being the highlight of the festivitiebeyonces.

Monday, July 8th, M&T Bank Stadium was filled to capacity for the touring production “On the Run,” featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z.  This fol
lowed the equally successful “Legends of the Summer” tour last summer with Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake.

Hosting such entertainment spectacles is an important part of the Maryland Stadium Authority’s commitment to the citizens of Maryland, who own our complex.  We, along with our partners/tenants, make our myriad facilities available for events and activities far beyond professional sports.  We are a community asset as well as a state property.  Most of all, we are a place where people gather to make memories . . .  and reach for the stars.

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