Roc, Roll, and Run for Fun — Spring at Camden Yards

They are looking for many photos as there will be a standalone photo gallery for this event as well as the usual 6 or so for the rewThe vernal equinox brings more than migrating Birds to Camden Yards. While our 85 acre urban complex is best known as a professional sports venue, its size and location make it the perfect site for other spectator and participatory activities.

As the temperatures (finally!) rise, so do the number of Camden Yards visitors for something other than baseball. This spring marks the return of one instant crowd favorite and the inaugural appearance of another.

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It was a dark and stormy night . . .

It snowed most of Tuesday at Camden Yards, a relative rarity for a Maryland spring.  To our friends and teammates at Sports Legends, it was an eerie reminder of the event they were observing later in the week – the anniversary of the ignominious departure of the Baltimore Colts, early on the snowy morning of March 29, 1984.

For the fund-raising fete, Sports Legends welcomed guests to the scene in Owings Mills where the Mayflower convoy began their trek westward.  What was once the Colts training facility and team headquarters is now Caves Athletic and Wellness Center, home of the 2013 NCAA Division III Lacrosse champions, Stevenson University.

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Scenes from Opening Day 2014

Hope springs eternal on Opening Day, so the adage goes.  Anything is possible.  Even sunshine.  After an interminable winter and two days of the dreaded wintery mix, Monday dawned with bright skies, moderate temps and a brisk breeze.  Spring and the Orioles are back.centerfield deck

Even before the faithful flock to Camden Yards, Opening Day is underway.  The ground crew, led by Nicole McFayden, makes sure every blade is in place and every basepath smoothed to perfection.  Hard to imagine after the mercurial weather of the past few weeks, but the field looks perfect long before the morning interviews begin.
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